Introduction to Co-ordinate Geometry – 23/10/15

Hi all,

Yesterday we started Chapter 5 of C1 (Co-ordinate Geometry) and we were focussing on straight line graphs.

In pairs, you completed the first 6 pages of the document below, which allowed you to strengthen and expand your understanding of straight line graphs – those you you who were on the Geography trip, please make sure to catch up!

Coordinate Geometry Activities

I was really impressed with you ability to get stuck into the problems and you demonstrated a lot of pride in your work – well done 🙂

Your homework was to complete Exercise 5A (all questions, but only the final column of Q1-3). If you get stuck on anything please comment below.

Have a fantastic break everyone, you certainly deserve it!

Mrs Shaw


Chapter 4 Assessments

Hi all,

I have marked all of your assessments from today and on the whole they were superb – an average score of 78.29%, your best assessment so far in C1!

Top 3 errors were:

  • Not checking whether the cubics were positive/negative before sketching
  • Thinking that y = x(x – 5) would cross the x axis at (0,0) and (-5,0)
  • Forgetting the quadratic formula for Q4c so you lost around 6 marks!

Anyway, overall you should be really proud of the progress you have made so far in Y12, the quality of your work is much higher in this assessment and I look forward to seeing how much you develop over the rest of the year 🙂

I have given Mrs Crabtree your papers to look through in your lesson with her tomorrow – be sure to annotate all corrections in red pen and subscribe to the blog!

Mrs Shaw

Transformations of Graphs (2) – 16/10/2015

Hi all,

Today I let you work through a range of questions to help you to develop your confidence with the work in this topic, there was no new content to cover – if you were struggling, look at the previous blog for help.

Your homework was to prepare for the assessment, I recommend that you:

  • Exercise 4F, Q2-5 (completed in class for most of you)
  • Exercise 4G – as a minimum, do Q1,3 finding the new values of A, B, C D. If you are confident with graph transformations, don’t draw out every single graph, but make sure you can find the coordinates.
  • Mixed Exercise 4H.

This is a really fair assessment, so you should all do really well 🙂

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Mr s Shaw

Transformations of Graphs – 13/10/15

Hi all,

In today’s lesson we covered transforming graphs, initially we looked at translating horizontally and vertically, and then we looked at stretching horizontally and vertically. If you would like more help, or some more detailed notes to read through, see here: Transformations of Graphs Notes.

Most of you managed to complete a complex matching activity – if you did, well done! In Friday’s lesson I have no new information to give you, you are simply going to work through problems to prepare you for your assessment on Tuesday. 

Your homework was to complete Exercise 4E (Q2 – 5) and mark, as well as subscribing to the blog.

All of your assessments are now marked, those of you who didn’t get yours today, sorry – they had got stuck together under some other papers but they are all safe and ready for you to collect 🙂

Have a nice day tomorrow,

Mrs Shaw

9/10/15 – Reciprocals and Intersections of Curves

First of all Y12, a huge congratulations for the massive improvement in your Ch2 assessments – the current average score is 81% (double what it was the first time you sat it!). Those of you who haven’t handed it in yet need to give it in on Monday – thank you!

In today’s lesson we refreshed our knowledge of reciprocal graphs which you looked at for homework, and began to draw them. We also looked at sketching graphs and using these sketches to find out the coordinates of intersections. If you are struggling still, please use the attached sheet and solutions. I recommend that you focus on Q1-4.

Your homework was to complete Exercise 4D in the textbook, questions 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 – remember to mark and annotate them in red pen.

Finally, don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Shaw

Question Sheet


6/10/15 – Drawing Cubics

In today’s lesson we looked at sketching cubic graphs. There are examples in the C1 textbook on pp. 42 – 46, and we looked at Exercise 4A.

If you need any extra practice, there are loads of questions in Exercise 4A, and you can use the CD-ROM provided with your textbook if you are not sure how they got their answers.

if you’re really, really stuck then Hegarty Maths has a range of A Level videos – try

See you at P6 this evening,

Mrs Shaw