Averages from Frequency Tables – 27.11.15

Hi all,

Yesterday we covered finding averages from frequency tables, and also revised some of the key facts about cumulative frequency tables.

Your first task was to match up the correct frequency table with the cumulative frequency graph using this document (p3).

We then had a quick recap of finding averages from frequency tables, before you completed an activity matching bar charts to their key statistics. You found it challenging to fill in the missing statistics, and to complete the blank graph with the statistics provided, but you all completed it – well done! See here for the activity (see last two pages).

Finally, you were given a histogram (Lesson Ideas – Histograms – page 2) for which you had to construct the grouped frequency table and find the averages – you managed to complete this to a high standard using excellent team work – well done!

Homework was to complete Exercise 2C, due Tuesday. Those of you who missed the lesson need to catch up. We only have one more lesson left on this topic.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Shaw


Averages Summary – 24.11.15

Hi all,

Over the last two lessons you have completed Ch1 of S1, and we’re now about halfway through Ch2. You have looked at some key definitions (e.g. discrete and continuous data), and recapped how to find the mode, median, mean and range. Today we also looked at how we can combine the mean from two different data sets, and found out about coding data in order to make finding the mean easier.

Don’t forget that on Friday, we will have a representative form the University of Leeds visiting – make sure you’re all lovely and friendly as ever!

Homework for today was to complete Ex2B and Ex2E, as well as completing annotations from your C1Ch5 paper. Remember, to those of you who need to resit, I need to see you in P6 in order to do the resit paper.

As a special feature of today’s blog, I’d like to open up the comments to any suggested revision resources – please comment with anything that you think looks useful.


Mrs Shaw

C1Ch5 Assessment – 17/11/15

Hi all,

Today we completed our C1Ch5 assessment (Co-ordinate Geometry) and had a file check. Most of your files were in excellent condition and required very few changes. As a reminder I expect to see the following in your folder: File Check.

Next lesson I will not be in school, and for those people who were in lesson, you have already seen that your work was to:

  • Read and take notes on Ch1 and complete Ex1A
  • Read and take notes up to Ex2A and complete Ex2A.

I gave out the S1 textbooks today, these will need to be shared with those who weren’t in today. All takes should be completed by Tuesday next week.

For those of you who are at CERN, firstly I hope you’re having an amazing time! Secondly, remember you will be in Thursday P6 to catch up on the assessment and be sure to bring your files to your next lesson with me.

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Shaw

C1Ch5 – 13/11/15

Hi all,

As you know, in today’s lesson we made a start on the Mixed exercise, and your homework was to complete all of the “even” questions, ahead of your assessment on Tuesday.

On Tuesday you will also be having a folder check – please ensure that:

  • Notes are in order, with dates and titles for each new lesson
  • Exercises and homework are labelled and marked in red pen, and mistakes corrected
  • Assessments are at the start of each chapter, and the tracking sheet is filled in
  • Assessments are annotated in red pen.

For those of you who are luck enough to be visiting CERN next week, you should be coming to P6 on Thursday to complete the assessment, and make sure that your folder is up to scratch so that I can check it then.

After speaking to Mrs Price about your Differentiation assessment, I would like to emphasise the importance of thoroughly checking all answers before handing your paper in – some of you are making silly mistakes that prevent you getting lots of marks, even though you understand the “difficult” maths – make sure you don’t let yourselves down!

It was lovely to talk to your parents on Wednesday evening, especially when we had so many positives to discuss – well done everyone 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Shaw


Hi all,

Today we have continued with the differentiation mixed exercise. I think I have made it abundantly clear what I expect but in case any of you are still baffled……

The differentiation mixed exercise must be completed by period 5 tomorrow (12/11/15) as this is when you’ll be sitting your differentiation assessment. Make sure you have had another look at the exam question we went through on Monday.

I am free tomorrow lunchtime and during period 4 so if you want somewhere quiet to work (and get help!) join me in MA5. Feel free to bring your lunch.

If, after all that, you still haven’t finished, expect to stay at period 6 tomorrow night!

Happy revising!

Mrs Pi.

Perpendicular Lines – 10/11/2015

Hi all,

In today’s lesson you started completing the Arithmagons. Whilst we didn’t have time to finish them all, they are a brilliant, challenging activity and I recommend that you spend half an hour finishing them off if you have chance.

We then used graphing software to determine the link between the gradient of a line and the gradient of a perpendicular to that line, before looking through examples of questions which you might be asked.

I then asked you to complete 3 cards which were of the form:

My first point is ………………………………………..

My second point is ……………………………………

My gradient is …………………………………………..

My equation is …………………………………………..

A parallel line is ………………………………………….

A perpendicular line is …………………………………

You worked really well on this and it enabled you to revise lots of topics within the chapter, and it was nice to see you challenging your partners by giving them tricky co-ordinates!

Next lesson we will be working through the Mixed Assessment, ahead of your end of chapter test and folder check on Tuesday.

It was lovely to see a few of you at Period 6 tonight, though it would be great to see some of you there more often; this will be something that Mrs Price and I will be talking about tomorrow at parents’ evening. On the whole though, you’re all fab 🙂

Thanks for all of your help and advice with the “whiteboard incident” – I’ll bring in biscuits on Friday!

Have a lovely week and make sure that you finish off Exercise 5E for homework (comment below if you get stuck with anything).

Mrs Shaw

Formula for the Equation of a Straight Line – 6/11/15

Hi all,

Last lesson we used our formula from last lesson [y-y1 = m(x-x1)] to prove another formula which could be used to find the equation of a line when two points on the line were given. This was something which a few of you found quite difficult, hopefully as you study more proof in your A Level your confidence with this will develop, however it might be worth trying to prove it again by yourself (without looking at your notes!).

Remember, if you forget the formula for finding the equation of a line between two points, you could always calculate the gradient between the two points (m) and then substitute this into y-y1 = m(x-x1).

Homework was to finish the questions in Exercise 5D. Next lesson we will be looking at the gradient of perpendicular lines, and on Friday you will be working through the Mixed Exercise, completing exam questions and sorting out any problems you might have had through this topic. Your assessment will be a week on Tuesday, and after that we will be starting Statistics 1.

As your bell work for next lesson you will be completing some Arithmagons – please have a look at them beforehand.

One last point – those of you who scored “Amber” in your Exercise 5 homeworks should be going to P6 to find out where you went wrong and correct them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Shaw