Polynomial Division – 26.1.16

Hi all,

Last lesson we worked on polynomial division – I feel that by the end of the lesson you were all confident and prepared to continue at home, however see the attached resources if you need a reminder/some extra practice questions:

Dividing a polynomial notes

Finding the remainder notes

Dividing a polynomial questions

Finding the remainder questions

Finding the remainder answers

Dividing a polynomial answers

It was fantastic to see you all at P6¬†yesterday – I think the gif below sums this up well ūüôā 249578b3ccdaddac6b01fd15dbd1777c

You should be really proud of your Ch4 assessments – it is currently on an average score of 70%, and most of the mistakes were silly numerical errors – when the paper is out of 50 it doesn’t take many silly mistakes to lose a lot of marks! Make sure you go through and annotate them with any corrections.

Remember homework was to complete a selection of questions in Exercise 1B+C – I look forward to seeing them on Friday.

Mrs Shaw


Simplifying Algebraic Fractions – 22.1.15

Hi all,

In Friday’s lesson we looked at simplifying algebraic fractions – something nice and simple to help you to build up your confidence with C2.

At the start of the lesson you were given some cards to match up and you were able to use your own prior knowledge to decide how to categorise the cards Рthey are available on the last two pages of this document. It might be worth you having a look at some of the other activities in the document to help you brush up on some of your algebra skills.

Whilst you were working, I looked through some of your files using the check list on this document. On the whole they were fairly good, the main thing that people had not done was to go through and mark your exercises Рplease ensure this is rectified by next lesson. Unfortunately there was also a significant number of you who forgot to bring your folder Рthis was disappointing to see, especially when you were given very clear information about when it would be and what I would be looking for. Fingers crossed they will be worth waiting for!

Remember to bring¬†your S1Ch4 assessment on Tuesday, don’t forget that I want you to be aiming for 90%+ – it should be something that you are proud to hand in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Mrs Shaw

End of Chapter 4 – 19.1.16

Hi all,

As you know, last lesson I allowed you to work on the mixed exercise for Ch4. At the end of the lesson, I gave you the assessment which needs to be completed by next Tuesday.

I gave you a week to complete it for three main reasons:

  1. To allow you to put lots of effort into it – most of Chapter 4 is GCSE revision – the only new content is skew and using IQR to find outliers. I said that I was setting a target of a 90% class average on this assessment – I truly believe this is possible on a chapter which is mostly GCSE revision.
  2. To allow you to use Tuesday and Thursday P6s for extra help
  3. To allow those of you who have missed lessons due to mocks to ensure that you have looked through and understood all of the material

It has been really positive to see how many of you have used the blog and clicked on the links/documents over the last week – keep it up and feedback in the comments if you would like any extra content adding.

Remember, you also have a file check on Friday – you should have notes, annotated exercises and assessments in a sensible order. Your assessments should also be annotated so that you can use them for revision. I know last lesson a couple of the girls who were struggling to remember how to find Q1/Q2/Q3 on discrete/continuous data just took 10 minutes to really read through their textbook notes and take revision notes on the different techniques – I think that this would be a good idea for lots of you.

Remember in other subjects you are expected to read around the topic you are studying – for Maths we expect you to consolidate what you have learnt in lessons – don’t just complete the exercise and expect it to be stuck in your head. Use this poster (you’ll have seen it in every maths classroom) to remind yourself how to learn/revise maths:


See you on Friday,

Mrs Shaw

Cover Work – 15.1.16

Hi all,

On Friday I won’t be here and I have detailed your cover work below.

You should use the hour (and the homework hour associated with the lesson) to complete revision for your C1 mock.

You may choose to work through your exam booklets and annotate the corrections.

If you know that you struggle with a particular topic I recommend that you look at Hegarty Maths Videos for that topic and complete the associated questions РHegarty Maths (login required).

I have also attached some brief revision notes for C1, however bear in mind that they were written for the AQA specification so there are a couple of things that are/aren’t on but they may help you to refer to quickly as you complete revision activities.

Good luck,

Mrs Shaw

Skew – 12.1.16

Hi all,

For those of you who weren’t in last lesson, we finished off the content of S1Ch4. We started off by using the card sort activity¬†on here Lesson plan – Interpreting data, using summary stats and box plots¬†(solutions can be found here: Template and possible solutions to boxplot , skewness activity (1)). We then completed the summary table on skew.

You were then able to make a start on Exercise 4F – this should be completed for homework (due Tuesday 19th January).

On Tuesday’s lesson you will have chance to complete the Mixed Exercise, and your homework will be to complete the s1Ch4 assessment.

See you all at P6 tonight.

Mrs Shaw

Not long to go…

Hi all,

I hope that you have all had lovely breaks and feel well rested ready for the busy half term ahead!¬†I really hope that none of you were affected by the flooding over the holidays…

Just a quick reminder that you were due to complete the following over the holidays:

  • 2 C1 papers in your booklet
  • Mixed Exercise from Ch3
  • Plus Mrs Price’s work

I also gave you the Assessment for Ch3 which will be due in on Friday 8th January.

Just so you know, we have had another room change – after Christmas our Tuesday lessons will be in EN2.

Finally, a treat for all of you committed subscribers: I was clearing out some things at home and found my copies of the up-to-date CGP Edexcel AS and A2 revision guides – see¬†here¬†and¬†here. I don’t need them so if you would like them (for free obviously!), comment below and we’ll do a draw in the first week back – good luck ūüôā

Mrs Shaw