Simplifying Algebraic Fractions – 22.1.15

Hi all,

In Friday’s lesson we looked at simplifying algebraic fractions – something nice and simple to help you to build up your confidence with C2.

At the start of the lesson you were given some cards to match up and you were able to use your own prior knowledge to decide how to categorise the cards – they are available on the last two pages of this document. It might be worth you having a look at some of the other activities in the document to help you brush up on some of your algebra skills.

Whilst you were working, I looked through some of your files using the check list on this document. On the whole they were fairly good, the main thing that people had not done was to go through and mark your exercises – please ensure this is rectified by next lesson. Unfortunately there was also a significant number of you who forgot to bring your folder – this was disappointing to see, especially when you were given very clear information about when it would be and what I would be looking for. Fingers crossed they will be worth waiting for!

Remember to bring your S1Ch4 assessment on Tuesday, don’t forget that I want you to be aiming for 90%+ – it should be something that you are proud to hand in.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Mrs Shaw


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