Hi all,

Due to popular demand, please find a blog post full of revision techniques/resources.

Remember to use the document that I gave to you today – it contains lots of tips and a handy check list for you to tick off as you go through.Remember this poster as well:

Revision Resources by Chapter

  • Topic by topic questions, followed by 4 sample papers here
  • Essential skills for each chapter here
  • Some C1 (and C2) revision cards from Jo Morgan here
  • Lots of worksheets by topic here
  • A Level maths revision videos here (free login required)
  • 5 a day C1 only here

General Revision Resources

  • May 2014 paper here (mark scheme is easy to find online)
  • May 2013 paper here
  • January 2013 paper here
  • 35 basic C1 questions here

And don’t forget, weird looking as their website is, and old fashioned as the insides of their books look, Alpha Workbooks are brilliant (and much cheaper than CGP books).

Best of luck for Thursday, let me know if you can’t find something in particular,

Mrs Shaw



Sine and Cosine Rule – 26/2/16

Hi all,

You’ve done really well in this chapter – although lots of it is GCSE revision, you’ve taken the more complex questions in your stride and should be proud of your work.

In today’s lesson we spent the first half analysing a couple of exam questions, before you thought about how else they could have phrased the question, or what else you could have been asked. You then went on to design your own exam questions and wrote your won mark schemes – I look forward to looking through these this evening. As you know, I’ll be using them as part of a presentation at the University of Leeds in the near future – if you have any feedback please comment below/email me/leave me a note – thanks!

Due to your upcoming mock I have set you homework which isn’t due for a while – the Mixed Exercise is due next Friday, and the assessment is due a week on Tuesday.

I’ll write another post in a second about revision resources.

Mrs Shaw

Sine/Cosine Rule

Hi all,

I hope that you are enjoying your holidays so far and making the most of the time available to you.

Last week we revisited the GCSE work that you covered on sine and cosine rule. We used these triangles below to prove the general formula for the area of a triangle, and used that to derive the sine rule.


You then marked and corrected some incorrect work, before having a go at some questions yourselves, producing some superb homework – well done!

On Friday we looked at the ambiguous case of the sine rule (for another look at why this occurs – see this video: Sine Rule – Ambiguous Case Video, or try this interactive activity: Sine Rule – Ambiguous Case Activity). We also had a look at the cosine rule.

The following documents might help you if you need to go over things a little more slowly:

Remember your homework from me was to:

  • Complete C2Ch1 assessment
  • Complete selected questions from the two cosine rule exercises

and you also were given an S1 paper from Mrs Price.

Enjoy the rest of your break,

Mrs Shaw


Factor Theorem and Remainder Theorem

Hi all,

Over the last couple of lessons we looked at the Factor and Remainder Theorem. We introduced the Factor Theorem using this lovely activity: A11 Standards Unit – Factorising Cubics. Your homework was to complete Ex1C.

Then we looked at the remainder theorem on Tuesday – you did really well with this – for extension activities click on the links below:

I am not here tomorrow, so you need to complete the whole of the Mixed Exercise – due Tuesday. Remember we have Sheila Eastwood in with us then – be sure to be lovely!!

See you at P6 in 5 minutes,

Mrs Shaw