Sine/Cosine Rule

Hi all,

I hope that you are enjoying your holidays so far and making the most of the time available to you.

Last week we revisited the GCSE work that you covered on sine and cosine rule. We used these triangles below to prove the general formula for the area of a triangle, and used that to derive the sine rule.


You then marked and corrected some incorrect work, before having a go at some questions yourselves, producing some superb homework – well done!

On Friday we looked at the ambiguous case of the sine rule (for another look at why this occurs – see this video: Sine Rule – Ambiguous Case Video, or try this interactive activity: Sine Rule – Ambiguous Case Activity). We also had a look at the cosine rule.

The following documents might help you if you need to go over things a little more slowly:

Remember your homework from me was to:

  • Complete C2Ch1 assessment
  • Complete selected questions from the two cosine rule exercises

and you also were given an S1 paper from Mrs Price.

Enjoy the rest of your break,

Mrs Shaw



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