Hi all,

Due to popular demand, please find a blog post full of revision techniques/resources.

Remember to use the document that I gave to you today – it contains lots of tips and a handy check list for you to tick off as you go through.Remember this poster as well:

Revision Resources by Chapter

  • Topic by topic questions, followed by 4 sample papers here
  • Essential skills for each chapter here
  • Some C1 (and C2) revision cards from Jo Morgan here
  • Lots of worksheets by topic here
  • A Level maths revision videos here (free login required)
  • 5 a day C1 only here

General Revision Resources

  • May 2014 paper here (mark scheme is easy to find online)
  • May 2013 paper here
  • January 2013 paper here
  • 35 basic C1 questions here

And don’t forget, weird looking as their website is, and old fashioned as the insides of their books look, Alpha Workbooks are brilliant (and much cheaper than CGP books).

Best of luck for Thursday, let me know if you can’t find something in particular,

Mrs Shaw




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