Sine and Cosine Rule – 26/2/16

Hi all,

You’ve done really well in this chapter – although lots of it is GCSE revision, you’ve taken the more complex questions in your stride and should be proud of your work.

In today’s lesson we spent the first half analysing a couple of exam questions, before you thought about how else they could have phrased the question, or what else you could have been asked. You then went on to design your own exam questions and wrote your won mark schemes – I look forward to looking through these this evening. As you know, I’ll be using them as part of a presentation at the University of Leeds in the near future – if you have any feedback please comment below/email me/leave me a note – thanks!

Due to your upcoming mock I have set you homework which isn’t due for a while – the Mixed Exercise is due next Friday, and the assessment is due a week on Tuesday.

I’ll write another post in a second about revision resources.

Mrs Shaw


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